Karnataka Assembly clashes, Congress MLA removes Speaker from chair


Bangla Hunt Desk: Clashes erupted in the Karnataka Assembly on Tuesday morning. The Congress MLA forcibly pulled the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Bishwaswar Hegde, down from his chair. The Congress alleges that the BJP and the JDS have illegally put the Speaker in the chair.

After the commotion, Congress MLC Prakash Rathore said, “When the assembly was not in session, the BJP and the JDS unconstitutionally put the speaker in the chair.” Unfortunately BJP is doing this. Congress asked the Speaker to leave because he was sitting there illegally. We are forced to force him not to move. ”

Karnataka BJP MLA Lahar Singh termed the incident as hooliganism. He said, ‘Some MLAs have done hooliganism in the assembly. They forcibly removed the vice president of the assembly from the chair and abused him. We have never seen such an incident in the history of the council. I am ashamed to think what the people will think after seeing all this. ”