Kashmiri Girl Video: ‘Today listen to me too Modi ji…’, video of girl appealing to PM goes viral


Kashmiri Girl Video:

A girl named Seerat Naz, a resident of Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir, has made a sweet appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi through video. This video is becoming increasingly viral.

Video of Kashmiri girl appealing to PM Modi goes viral

Image Credit source: Facebook/@MarmikNews

Schoolgirl Requesting PM Video: on social media Jammu and Kashmir A video of a girl child has surfaced. in that he Prime Minister Narendra Modi An appeal is seen from. The girl tells that she is from Kathua district of Jammu. Lohai Malhar She is a resident of the village. After this she says- ‘How are you? I want to talk to you.’ Then she says- ‘You listen to everyone, today listen to me too.’ These Video Now going viral fast.

The girl’s name is Seerat Naaz, who studies in a government high school in Lohai. Masoom is sad that he has to study in school with his friends sitting on the dusty floor. This girl wants PM Modi to pay attention to this and get a good school built for her. In the video, while walking in the school campus, the girl tells PM Modi in a complaining tone what are the shortcomings there and what the authorities can do for its betterment.

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Watch here, video of little Sirat appealing to PM

‘Teacher makes you sit on the floor’

After this, Sirat shows the school principal’s office and staff room. Then she tries to tell the PM that her class is held on the verandah in front of the office and she has to sit on the dirty floor. There is also a school building, but its condition is also very poor. The girl says- It has become even more dirty in five years. After this, the child also shows the view of the place. After this, the girl appeals to the PM – you make a good school for us.

The toilet is also broken: Sirat

In the entire video, Sirat directly shows the huge lack of facilities in the school and tells that the toilet of her school is also very dirty and broken. That’s why they have to toilet in the open. After this, the girl shows a drain and says – we go here to defecate. Now people are reacting fiercely on this video.

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