Katrina or cartoon! Can't catch | Bangla Hunt


Katrina Kaif is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood. He has given one picture after another to the movie lovers. Besides acting, he also has a penchant for dance and exercise. In a word, Saraswati is Lakshmi Gune.

There is nothing new to say about the beauty of the cat. The practice of his form did not stop only in this country. Bollywood's 'Vaijaan' Salman Khan himself has also fallen in love with him. The relationship between the two has been strained many times. Ranbir Kapoor is also on the list. Now it is known that Vicky is eating habudubu in love with Kaushal or Katrina.

Needless to say, the skill required to draw a picture of such a beautiful actress. But recently a picture has gone viral on social media with which Katrina has nothing in common.

Popular comedian Sunil Grover shared the photo on his Insta handle. He has done a collage with a photo of Katrina. It can be seen that the girl in the picture is painted wearing a pink sari like Katrina. It is clear that Ray was not able to try to make it look like Kat in the film.

In the caption of the photo, Sunil writes, ‘Lockdown has given birth to so many poets, so many chefs. It's an example of an artist. ” However, he did not say who the artist was. Although Katrina has not yet said anything after seeing such a picture of herself, netizens have had a lot of fun seeing this picture. The number of likes on the post has reached one lakh.

Incidentally, Sunil Grover is still active on social media even though the shooting in Lockdown has stopped. From time to time he posts various funny memes on his Insta handle.