Keep used clothes in the sun for at least 3-5 hours a day, and many germs will die: Abhishek Banerjee


BanglaHunt Desk: The whole world is worried about Corona (COVID-19) situation. The number of coronas in India (India) is jumping. In this situation, Abhishek Banerjee, MP for Diamond Harbor in the grassroots of West Bengal, gave his message to the citizens. In this lockdown, people spoke about how to stay home, spend time and, above all, how to keep themselves healthy against the Corona virus.

Abhishek advised against confronting Corona, “Many people have been reading the same clothes for three or four days during lockdown. If you can no longer wrap your clothes, leave your clothes in the sun for at least 3-5 hours a day. Many germs die in the sunlight. So whoever uses pillows, bed linen and clothes, leave it in the sun for at least 2-3 hours a day. That will end many germs. “

He also advises the citizens about food after daily use. He says, 'You can eat some protein-rich pulses in a daily diet. Eat more protein products, eggs can be eaten. '

In addition, for older people in the home, he said, “People over the age of 6-5 who have heart problems or respiratory diseases, do not go out at all. Because the Corona virus is the most affected people more than 5 years old. Since the effects of the infection have a lot of effect on them, they need to be a little more aware now. Other members of the household will also be aware when talking to someone else. Keep distance and shake hands instead of handshake '.

Also wash it thoroughly before grabbing something. Wash the faucet thoroughly before taking water from the tap. Even mobile phones keep it clean. If possible, turn on the loudspeaker and talk on the phone again. Try switching the lights on the room instead of the fingers. It is not right to hide the disease. We must find a way to get rid of him without hiding the disease. Everyone needs to be protected and aware.

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