Keeping needle and thread separately causes problems at home? Know what is its truth


सुई और धागे को अलग-अलग रखने से घर में आती है प्रॉब्लम? जानिए क्या है इसकी सच्चाई

Myths about needle and threadImage credit source: Pixabay

Often we were told many such things in our childhood on which we used to blindly believe. Although we all were not able to judge the truth in that matter at that time, but when we grew up and started researching about these things, we found that there was some kind of truth in the things that we used to hear in our childhood. Not the truth. It was such a thing that all of you must have heard in childhood that needle and thread should always be kept together, otherwise problems start coming in the house.

Now needle and thread are required for every household work, but when it comes to finding it at home, it is not available. In such a way, the needle and thread can be found in a hurry and the work is over, for this it is kept together. That’s why there is no scientific proof that if the needle and thread are not always kept together then we will face problems.

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There are many other things about needle thread

By the way, there are many types of myths about the needle and thread society. Which people believe for centuries and even today they believe in those things. But there is no scientific basis for these things. It is said that the eyesight also increases on the night of Sharad Purnima. Because of this, people also practice threading a needle in the moonlight and yes, this work has to be done in the light of the moon. Then it gets its benefit by going somewhere.

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