Kerala Medical College girls jeans were banned, the girls wore lungi! Know the real truth of viral pictures

Bangla Hunt Desk: At present, a large number of photos are viral on social media. Where several girls are seen wearing lungi. However, attached to this photo is the ban on girls wearing jeans in Kerala Medical College, in protest girls are going to college wearing lungi.

Director Anubhav Sinha even retweeted the tweet of this viral photo posted on social media. He also tweeted the same about this.

Know the real truth of this incident

Another story comes to light to verify the veracity of such a post published under the name of Kerala Medical College. Jeans were banned in girls' clothing at Kerala Medical College in 2016, almost four years ago. Meanwhile, the picture of the girls wearing lungi on social media is about 4 years old.

Although the two incidents are about the same time, the photo bears no resemblance to the ban on medical college girls' jeans. All the information was reported by a news media Google search. Using the internet, the media reported that a 2015 report on the Telugu People's website found pictures of girls wearing lungi that had gone viral.

Pictures of girls wearing lungi are viral

The fact is that the girls seen in the viral photo wearing lungi are all fans of Telugu actor Mahesh Babu. In 2015, actor Mahesh Babu released a movie called 'Srimanthudu'. In that movie, Mahesh Babu wore this kind of dress for the needs of the character. That is why the female fans who followed him at that time imitated him and took pictures wearing similar clothes. Kerala Medical College has no connection with this incident.