Kerala police solve people's problems by delivering cakes to someone's house, oxygen cylinder to someone's house


Bengali Hunt Desk: Kerala police personnel are working to deliver goods from house to house to help people who are in trouble during lockdowns due to Corona. They are delivering everything from cakes to oxygen cylinders. They even extend a helping hand to catch snakes in one place. Rosamma, 49, a resident of a tribal village in Idukki district, was shocked to see a policeman standing in front of her house with an oxygen cylinder in her hand. Kerala police were also holding a cake in front of the house of 60-year-old Jensi in Kepamangalam village in Trichur. Jensi was surprised to see that.

Rosamma has been suffering from shortness of breath for many years and has been undergoing treatment at Kottayam Medical College for almost two years. A family member said he returned home last year and that the tribal department was paying for his treatment. But for the last four months, the department had left Rs 40,000 for treatment.

The woman was not getting oxygen cylinder due to lockdown. Then the primitive police came forward to help him. “We took the oxygen cylinder to her,” said an Adimoli police official. In this condition he needed this oxygen cylinder very much. We also sent some food items along with it. They will last about two weeks.

On the night of April 25, Kepamangalam police requested an 11-year-old boy to ask Kerala police if a cake could be found for his sister. Because his birthday. The next morning, police arrived at Jensi's home with a cake. Jenser even talked to his 11-year-old granddaughter, who lives in Qatar, in a video call. Police also arrived at the home of three-year-old Maria Rose in Thrissur district with cakes at the request of her parents, who were stranded in Italy.