Kichcha Sudeep Threat Case: Director Ramesh Kitty arrested in Kichcha Sudeep threat case, police is inquiring


Kichcha Sudeep Threat Case: किच्चा सुदीप धमकी मामले में डारेक्टर रमेश किट्टी गिरफ्तार, पुलिस कर रही है पूछताछ

Kiccha Sudeep

Kichcha Sudeep Threat Case: famous kannada actor Kiccha Sudeep Recently, he came in the headlines when he received a letter full of fear. Now the CCB officials have arrested Director Ramesh Kitty in this matter. Police is interrogating Ramesh Kitty in the threatening letter case. Ramesh Kitty Has done many films with Kichha Sudeep in the last few years and has also been the chairman of the Kichha Sudeep Charitable Trust.

Ramesh Kitt and Kiccha Sudeep have worked together in many films. It is being told that there was a case between Sudeep and Ramesh Kitty regarding money transactions, after which Ramesh Kitty sent a threatening letter to Sudeep. In this letter, Sudeep’s private video was threatened to be leaked. Producer Jack Manju had filed a complaint on Sudeep’s behalf in this matter.

Let us tell you that Kiccha Sudeep is also very active in the politics of Karnataka for the last few days. It was believed that he may soon join any party. However, in this threatening letter case, Kiccha Sudeep had said that it has nothing to do with politics. This is the work of those people who are involved in the business of sandalwood girl.

Talk about Kiccha Sudeep’s film career, he has done a brilliant acting in the film Makkhi. Kicha Sudeep was also seen in Salman Khan’s film Dabangg 3. Kiccha Sudeep’s 3 more films are going to come in the coming days. Out of which the promo of one film will be released on 1 June. Kiccha Sudeep is very excited about his upcoming films.

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