Kim Jong Un went viral on the ticket! He pressed the red button verbatim

BanglaHunt Desk: Kim Jong-un, the ruler of North Korea, was seen in the mystery of his disappearance and another Kim Jong Un. That tick and is claiming himself as Kim Jong on YouTube videos. And saying he's fine. He is even seen repeatedly pressing the red button in the video. The video has gone viral on social media.

Recently, a few videos have been seen circulating on social media. North Korea's Kim Jong Un is seen ticking and texting on YouTube. He says, ‘I am Kim Jong Un. I'm fine. ' And even though this video is viral, it has caused a stir in the net world. However, a closer look reveals that he is not actually Kim Jong Un. A person who looks like him. Whose name is Purinsogun. And this person is very popular on social media like TickTock and YouTube.

While the whole world is terrified of Corona virus (COVID-19), this person is uploading various funny videos on social media. The citizens of that country are very happy to see that. This guy recently uploaded a few videos to look like Kim on social media. Seeing him, the whole Kim looks fat. He even wears glasses like Kim. And also claiming to be Kim in the video. As the video went viral, many people downloaded it.


Urgent statement

オ リ 曲 – ぷ り ん 将軍 – ぷ り

This Purinsogun is again seen repeatedly pressing a red button in the video. Many have compared this work to the atomic bomb button. Tiktak has thousands of followers. And he also has 50,000 followers on YouTube.