Kim Jong Un's physical condition worsens after heart surgery! The claim is American

Webdesk: The United States has claimed that Kim Jong-un, North Korea's dictator, suffered a concussion after undergoing heart surgery. Kim did not attend the birthday party of her grandfather, the founder of North Korea, on April 15. Only then did it become clear that his physical condition was not good. He met her at a government meeting four days ago.

According to a CNN report, a U.S. official said that although Kim's deteriorating condition was a matter of concern, it was not yet possible to say how serious it was. According to a South Korean online site that reports to North Korea, Kim has been suffering from severe heart disease since April 12.

According to the news site, the main reason for his deterioration in physical condition is that he smokes too much. He also said that his body weight is more than normal, he has to face more problems. He is undergoing treatment in Hangsheng County. After her condition improved, some members of the medical team returned to Pyongyang on April 19, and some doctors remained there to treat her.

North Korea controls all the news related to its leader, and is considered a god there. However, CNN reported that they did not verify the veracity of the news. South Korea said on Tuesday it was investigating the US media report.

Since North Korea has no media freedom, they print and show what the government says. Kim last appeared in the media on April 7th.

April 15 was a very important holiday for the whole of North Korea, because it was the birthday of their founder. Kim was not seen attending the event that day, and rumors have been circulating ever since that what was the main reason for Kim's absence on such an important day?

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