Kitty Letter is a new cell phrase recreation from the creator of The Oatmeal

Matthew Inman, the creator of The Oatmeal webcomics and common card recreation Exploding Kittens, has unveiled a free of charge mobile phrase activity identified as Kitty Letter. Inman describes it as “Scrabble merged with Clash Royale.”

In the match, you swipe close to letters at the bottom of your monitor to spell words and phrases, which sends compact armies of cats marching toward your opponent in an try to blow up their foundation. Your opponent, in the meantime, is sending armies again at you to try to blow up yours. The mechanics are effortless to pick up, and every little thing was in access of my thumb, so I could conveniently participate in it a person-handed.

A spherical of Kitty Letter.

I played the initial number of ranges of Kitty Letter’s story method, which not only served as a tutorial for the game’s mechanics, but also told a foolish, Oatmeal comedian-like tale. There have been a lot of humorous drawings, offbeat gags, and even an prolonged area wherever I was compelled to hear to a person make deer noises while backed by smooth Barry White-fashion soundtrack. If you like The Oatmeal, you’ll likely appreciate the humor in this article. (I do, so I uncovered it all quite amusing.)

Greatest of all, it is no cost to download, and the total one-player tale manner and its multiplayer mode are absolutely free to perform. I’ll enable Inman reveal why he produced the match free in a web site article:

I hate free-to-perform video games. I dislike video games designed completely all over player retention and tricking people today into trying to keep the app open as extended as feasible. I despise cash, currencies, chests, and other revenue-printing techniques disguised as pleasurable. For Kitty Letter, I tried to just make the game as satisfying as feasible. This usually means that at times the chapters are long and just about seem to be discouraging you from enjoying. There is an whole chapter constructed about slapping a trout in buy to defrost it, and some musical deer that make captivating groans for way as well very long. I experimented with to just build a brief-lived, likeable sport, somewhat than a medicore match stretched across months of cost-free-to-perform garbage mechanics. Fuck retention. Fuck in-sport currencies. Embrace the trout, I say. Embrace the groaning deer.

If you want, you can shell out cash on in-match cosmetics drawn in Inman’s signature fashion, but they’re not necessary to participate in the game.

You can obtain the sport now from the Application Store or Google Perform.