Know the way to get rid of the Saturn phase of Saturn, good days will return to you too

BanglaHunt Desk: Many of us have heard that Shani dev is going through Sade sati phase in their life. Many are emotionally disturbed when they hear this. When asked about its provisions by the scholars, many give different provisions. However, if such a problem arises in your life, then do not break down at all. Good days will come back to life only if you follow a few remedies in a cold head.

Saturn (Shani dev) Saturn phase This period is – Saturn's birth at the birth of the twelfth, first and second house of the Moon sign. It takes a total of seven and a half years in human life to cross these three signs of Saturn. At this time people are upset physically, mentally and financially.

The remedy for this problem is-

  • Shiva forty, Hanuman forty, Durga forty must be recited.
  • This guilt is removed by serving the old people.
  • Cook the rice in the morning and offer it to the crow before eating it, and it is possible to get rid of this guilt by feeding it to the crow.
  • You can eat vegetarian every Saturday.
  • In the morning you can feed the black dog molasses bread.
  • Bathing with black sesame for 44 days can get rid of this condition.
  • At the beginning of the day, start the work by bowing to the elders of the house.
  • If possible, you can worship Shiva Thakur every Saturday.

Shani (shani dev) Pranam Mantra- Even if this mantra is uttered, it is possible to get rid of this stage.

Nilanjan Choi Prakhyang Rabisut Mahagraham.

Chhaya garbhasambhutah bande bhaktya shanaischayam.