Koel, the explosive swastika, had only a working relationship with Nispal Ran!


BanglaHunt Desk: Many people know that there is a latent animosity between Koel Mallick and Swastika Mukherjee in tollywood. This 'catfight' between the two has come to light several times. Swastika had publicly criticized Koel and her husband Nispal Ran. He didn't even stop mocking Koel's relationship with Jit.

Many people know that Swastika had a very close relationship with Jeet at one time. On the other hand, Jeet had a good friendship with Koel. Due to this, the heat was always about victory and relief. He never took the win-win friendship with Koel well. Seeing Jeet's close relationship with all of Koel's family, he thought that Jeet was going to get married to Koel.
But there was no relationship between Jith and Koel except friendship. But even so, Swastika's suspicions lead to a rift with him. But after this separation, the hatred of the actress towards Coyle increased instead of decreasing.

It is heard that Swastika also criticized Koel's personal and professional relationship. He quipped that Koel had an affair with Nispal Ran, the owner of Surinder Films, just to get a job.
Swastika also expressed doubts about Koel's acting ability. In response to these insults of the actress, Koel responded in one word. He clearly said that Swastika has shown her mentality by making such comments. He cannot belittle himself by answering his speech.