Kohli gave 3 main reasons for losing to England


Virat Kohli’s Team India has made a great comeback in the second Test after a humiliating loss in the first Test at the Chipke Stadium in Chennai. In the second Test, Virat Kohli lost to England by a huge margin of 317 runs to level the series. And after winning this Test, Virat Kohli has left behind former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. After winning the match, Virat Kohli said that Team India got an easy victory due to some reasons.

Chennai viewers are the inspiration:
Kohli said that after a long time I am playing on the soil of the country. The spectators were on the field in this test. And the presence of spectators on the field and their shouts inspired the team and we got extra inspiration. That gave us much more strength to fight. That is why India captain Virat Kohli repeatedly thanked the spectators during the match.

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Rishabh Panth:
According to Kohli, Panth has worked hard after his tour of Australia. As a result, he has improved his fitness as well as batting. Due to which, besides good batting, this whirlwind has also kept good keeping on the pitch.

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Character Patel:
Kohli said that despite playing the first Test, there was no pressure on Akshar Patel. It didn’t look like he was going to play the first Test. After a long time I saw such a good debut. This vortex was coming forward to bowl repeatedly on the pitch and Akshar bowled as planned against every batsman in England. Due to which it has achieved success. I hope that Akshar will play a bigger role in the team in the future.