Kohli, the victim of the umpire’s injustice, erupted in anger on the field

Bangla Hunt Desk: Controversy at the beginning of the final match of the World Test Championship. Although no New Zealand cricketer took a review on the day, the field umpires appealed to the third umpire for a direct decision. India captain Virat Kohli could not accept the umpire’s action and expressed his anger on the field.

The incident started in the 41st over of India’s innings. At that time Virat Kohli was batting, Trent Bolt was bowling. Trent Bolt immediately applied for a catch behind as a ball went through the outside of the leg stump. There was no review from New Zealand if the umpire did not respond to Bolt’s request, but Field Richard Illingworth discussed the matter with another umpire, Michael Goff, and sent the decision to the third umpire.

Many did not understand how the onfield umpire could send a third umpire to make a decision, even though no cricketer from the team concerned had applied for a review. Expressing strong dissatisfaction, India captain Virat Kohli tried to find out the whole thing. Virat Kohli laughed in reply to the umpire. After that there was a lot of criticism about the umpiring of the World Test Championship.