“Kohli’s wife is very beautiful” Farooq Engineer sparks controversy


Bangla Hunt Desk: Former Indian star wicket-keeper Farooq Engineer got involved in a debate with India captain Virat Kohli again. In an interview a few days ago, India captain Virat Kohli said, “When India toured England in 2014, he was not getting a single run, which left him frustrated. At that time he had a hard time. Drawing on this topic, Farooq Engineer directly asked Virat Kohli through an all-India news and said, “I don’t understand that.

The problem of former Indian cricketer Farooq Engineer with India captain Virat Kohli is nothing new. A few months ago, Farooq Engineer said that Indian selectors sometimes appeared in front of Anushka with a cup of tea to please India captain Virat Kohli. His statement caused a great deal of controversy in Indian cricket. Anushka Sharma also opened her mouth in that context. “Stop blaming your wife all the time if your husband is playing cricket badly,” she said. At the same time, he addressed Farooq Engineer and said, “I don’t drink tea, I drink coffee.”

Once again Farooq Engineer got involved in the debate. But this time he followed Kohli on his own. He claims that he who has such a beautiful wife, how can he suffer from depression? I don’t understand that. Farooq also said, “All these mental exhaustions are from the western world. They think more about all these things. We Indians are much stronger mentally. We go through many ups and downs of life with mental strength. ”