Kolkata's two main footballers joined the FIFA special campaign to fight Corona.


Ever since the hostility, the battle in the field, one has now become the two chiefs of Kolkata, Mohanbagan and East Bengal. The two chiefs joined in the fight against Corona. In the horror of Corona, all the housemates, Mohanbagan and East Bengal footballers gave a special message in the video message on how to keep the body fit in this confined state.

Shilton Pal and Dhan Chandra Singh, two Ileague-winning captains from Mohanbagan, participated in the special video. On the other hand, Abhishek Ambekar and Abhijit Sarkar participated in this video on behalf of East Bengal. In this video message, the body is prepared to fight against the cursed maroon virus corona, fitting the body. The video is done in both Bangla and Hindi, so that people of all kinds can be made aware.

In a joint venture with the World Health Organization and the United Nations, FIFA, the world's largest football team, has participated in the campaign to fight against Corona worldwide. FIFA took the initiative on how to keep the body fit from sitting at home in a situation where lockdowns are currently taking place in many countries around the world because of someone. Football clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona have participated in the campaign. India has participated in centuries-old soccer clubs Mohanbagan and East Bengal as one of the main face of promotion with these clubs.

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