Kornish PM Narendra Modi of Corona Warriors on Buddha Purnima,


BanglaHunt Desk: Narendra Modi, the corona warrior of the world including India, told Kurnish on the Buddha Purnima. The Prime Minister said that all the fighters who are fighting from the front to stop the growing Corona infection are “worthy of our respect”.

The number of corona cases in India at the moment is 35,902, with 183 deaths. 3600 newly attacked yesterday. Which is the highest incidence in India in a single day. In Maharashtra alone, the number of victims is 18,656. The Prime Minister called upon the people to fight together in this difficult situation.

On the same day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the people of the country should fight against Corona in a united manner. Those who are caring for, treating the patient should be respected. Even in this situation, those who are cleaning the roads of the country day and night, maintaining law and order, standing by the side of the poor people – they are all worthy of respect. Lord Buddha gave this teaching.

“Pray for all health workers around the world,” he said. May each of them be healthy. ” He added, “Buddha is a symbol of pursuit and self-realization. Each of us should follow his lead. We are fighting for mankind and will continue to do so. ” He also said that the whole world is asking for help from India at this time, India will deliver their help as much as it can.