Korol-Naisha attacked Corona from abroad? Replied Ajay


BanglaHunt Desk: He has not set foot in the acting world yet. He did not open his mouth about when to keep it or not. In fact, Limelight is a little less on him than other star children. But nevertheless, it is not exactly the negativity that freed him. Talking about Naisha Devas, daughter of Ajay-Kajal.
His name is sometimes seen in the news headlines. Earlier, Naisha had to face the trolls of choosing netizens. And this time it is alleged that he has brought the Corona virus from abroad. In fact, many people are returning to this country when the situation of terror and lockdown of the country is created with Corona. At that time, Naisha had also returned to India. Cole himself goes to fetch him.

Kajal and Naisha were back home in quarantine following the rules of administration. But this time the question arises as to what do they both suffer from. And the idea that the gods do not open their mouths to anybody in this regard is rooted in a section of netizens. Kajol and Naisha are suffering from non-treatment, saying that the troll also started in Nathdunia.

This time Ajay Dev himself has come to the room. He wrote in a tweet about the netizens' thanks to the interrogator. Kajal and Naisha are perfectly healthy. The rumor that they are spreading their illness is utterly false, false. The actor also explained that he will do so in the future.

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