Korona panic in Delhi with notes of two thousand rupees lying


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona virus panic is not a bribe for the 2,000 rupees notes spread across the street. The incident took place on Wednesday in the Buddhist Bihar area of ​​Delhi's delhi. After seeing a lot of notes of two thousand rupees left on the street, rumors circulated around it.

Rumor has it that the note has spit out the coroner. Rumor has it that the money was spread or conspiracy to spread the corona virus (covid 19) in Delhi. Immediately after that, the chaos ensues. Taking notes, one does not even agree to touch notes.

Police reached the area after receiving the news of the incident. But the police did not fire the note. In the initial stages, they press bricks into notes. It then looks for the owner of the note. When a young man approached the police claiming that the note was his, the police investigated and handed over the notes to him.

According to police sources, the owner of the notes is named Murutanjay Sharma. He picked up Tk 20,000 from SBI's ATM and hurriedly dropped some notes from his pocket. Later, when he found out that the money was low, he arrived at the scene and the police were present. When he told the police the whole matter, the police investigated and returned the money to him.

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