Kovid snatches football from his feet, works in the brickyard and fills his stomach


Bangla Hunt Desk: The effects of corona and lockdown have ruined the lives of many. Millions of people have lost their jobs due to an epidemic. Thousands of dreams are over. On the one hand, like the death procession, on the other hand, the death of one or another dream is happening every day. This time Jharkhand witnessed such a tragic incident. The lockdown completely changed the life of Sangeeta Saran, who played for the Indian women’s under-16 team. Music also had the opportunity to play in Thailand and Bhutan for the under-16 team. He was even called up to the national team last year. The call also came from the senior women’s team of Jharkhand.

But Corona and then the lockdown changed everything. Football is not a family with a brother, a blind father and a mother. So in the end Sangeeta Saran has joined the work of making bricks in a brick kiln in Basmudi village of Jharkhand, keeping her dream in her heart. Chief Minister Hemant Saran also promised help. But that help did not reach the dream girl of Oz village. Naturally, there is a lot of anger towards the government. Sangeeta said, “Every player needs good food and practice. The government here does not pay attention to that. That’s why footballers like me are day laborers. ”

He has been in need since childhood. So the lack of family is nothing new for music. But football is his dream. And how will he let the dream die? Sangeeta said, “My father Debu Saran was born blind. The brother, however, works as a laborer for the contractor. But he doesn’t get money all day. But I am not losing hope. We have a stadium in Dhanbad, where we continue to practice. Football is like my breath, so I will continue like this till my last breath. ”

This is how many talented players like music may end up like this. The dream is pressing the chest and lifting the brick on the head. Which will be used to create someone else’s dream building. But his own dream may be dying out due to lack.