'Krishnakali' decorated with flowers at sister's wedding, viral Tiyasha in enchanting form


BanglaHunt Desk: Overcoming the fear of corona, now Bengalis are enjoying the wedding season. And this time ‘Krishnakali’ actress Tiyasha Roy (tiyasha roy) joined in that joy. The actress was seen rejoicing at her sister's wedding. And in his space, he is sharing one picture after another for the benefit of the fans on social media.

Tiyasha has shared pictures of yellow on her sister's wedding ceremony. Earlier, the actress had shared a picture of her look for the occasion. He was captured on camera in a yellow dress. He wore a flower headband and earrings. I can't take my eyes off Tiyasha's enchanting look. The images went viral as soon as they were shared.

Tiyasha shared another picture in a different pose with that look. He was also seen kissing his sister on the cheek. All those pictures have gone viral in the middle of the moment. Tiyasha has also been captured on camera in an orange short dress and jeans jacket.

Earlier, Tiyasha was arrested with her husband Suban Roy. The two of them were wearing western clothes on that day. Tiyasha is seen in a dark green flower sleeve gown. Suban also looked handsome in white pants, red shirt and black blazer.

At the moment, serial Krishnakali has taken a leap of 18 years. Krishnakali has been on the decline for some time now. Even after bringing one turn after another, TRP could not be done as before. In fact, the audience has become annoyed with the monotonous screenplay. So this time the Krishnakali family has taken a leap of 18 years.

The serial now shows that Tiyasha alias Shyama has no previous memories. Unbeknownst to Nikhil, Shayama and her daughter Krishna were brought from Benares to their home. There Nikhil's majestic grandfather's daughter's poisonous eyes fell on Shayama and her daughter Krishna.