'Kriti is such a big star that she will no longer be acting with me', did the actress reply to Tiger's words?


Banglahunt Desk: Tiger Shroff and Kriti Shannon set foot in Bollywood six years ago through the film 'Hiropanti'. The box office did not have much success but did not look back. But this time, there were other melodies heard in Tiger's throat. If you have played together before, but Katie has become a bigger star now, so do not want to play with him.
The actor made this remark in an interview with a news agency recently. In February this year, the announcement was made of Hiropanti sequel, 'Hiropanti II'. Asked about the actor in this regard, he said, “We have no final screenplay at the moment. Once that is done, you can think of many other things. If you say something now, it will be too early. And Katie is also busy with upcoming pictures. '

Tiger Roo said, “Despite wanting to star in the next film with Kriti, Kriti has become such a big star that she no longer wants to work with him.” In his Twitter handle, he wrote, 'The superstar says that there are very few pictures below the 5 crore. You just say when and what other picture, I'll do. Besides, it's been a long time so this time we have to do a picture together. “

Really, Tiger announced earlier this year that Hiropanti II is coming soon. He also shared two posters of the film. The first film was directed by Sabbir Khan. Ahmed Khan is in charge of managing the sequelTogger.

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