Kumar Sanu’s daughter Shannon has been a victim of depression, said this big thing on self-abuse


डिप्रेशन का शिकार रह चुकी हैं कुमार सानू की बेटी शैनन के, सेल्फ एब्यूज पर कही ये बड़ी बात

Shannon K On Depression: Kumar Sanu’s daughter Shannon is in discussion these days. The main reason for this is his Bollywood debut. The father sang in films for 4 decades, but apart from singing, the daughter also has the skill of acting. She has also shown this at the international level.


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Kumar Sanu Daughter Shannon K: Bollywood Singer Kumar Sanu, who has won the hearts of fans with his singing for the last 4 decades, has a strong fan following. People of every class like to listen to his songs and even today the 90s songs sung by him are a part of people’s playlist. Kumar Sanu Apart from his singing, he is also in discussion about his personal life. Singer did two marriages. He has a daughter named Shannon from his second marriage. Recently, Shannon revealed that at one point of time she had become very depressed due to social media.

Shannon told during a conversation in an interview that when she was 14-15 years old, she had come new on social media. During that time, whoever trolled her and said bad things about her, she would take it to heart. Only the trolls kept running in his mind and he started taking people’s statements seriously. She became so serious that she went into depression and started harming herself. She considers this as the mistake of her life. He believes that this was a very hard phase of his life.

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Shannon further said that he was lucky that his family and friends helped him and pulled him out of the quagmire. He learned a great lesson from that period. Now she has completely recovered and wants to help those who are going through the phase of depression. She wants to tell everyone that there is light at the end of every tunnel and she has reached that light.

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Has worked in Hollywood films

Please tell that following the footsteps of her father Kumar Sanu, Shannon is also going to try her hand in films. She will start her career with Vivek Sharma’s film Chal Zindagi. Apart from this, she has started her career with the Hollywood film The Big Feed. She was seen acting in this film. Now it will be interesting to see how much she is able to impress the Indian audience.

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