Kupokat Imran Khan, in demonstrating India’s power, seeks a solution to the Kashmir issue in accordance with UN rules

Banglahant Desk: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is disappointed to see India’s aggressive attitude in the midst of the China-China conflict. This time Pakistan sang the opposite tune after being a little scared of India. Imran Khan is also mentally prepared to hand over POK to India.

The point is, Pakistan is a bit confused by the plight of China, a friendly country on the Indo-China border. Imran fears that if India is able to worsen the situation in China, then the Pakistani government is worried about Pakistan’s future. He has also taken a decision accordingly.

Referring to Jammu and Kashmir, Imran Khan tweeted, “India has intimidated the people of Kashmir. But Pakistan is always on the side of Kashmir. Pakistan is seeking a solution to the Jammu and Kashmir issue in accordance with UN rules. Pakistan is on their side for the liberation of Kashmir. And Pakistan is willing to go to great lengths to resolve this issue.

Let me tell you, the whole of Kashmir is an integral part of India. And India sees any problem in Kashmir as its own problem. India does not like anyone else’s intervention there. In this situation, no matter what Imran Khan does, India does not care at all.

Attempts to corner India by raising the issue of Kashmir at different times have failed but Imran Khan’s manipulation has failed. Because every time India has retaliated against Imran Khan’s remarks, India has silenced Pakistan on Kashmir.

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“It is time for a peaceful solution to all the problems,” the Pakistani army chief said at a recent event. So that the hand of friends can be extended ‘. After such a statement of the army chief, the tone of peaceful solution was heard in the throat of Imran Khan.