Ladakh dispute, 18% import from China to India, increased exports


Bengali Hunt Desk: After the escalating dispute over the Ladakh border, India has taken one drastic step after another against China. In the process, India has severed many business ties with China and banned Chinese mobile apps in the country. Indian businessmen and the general public also called for a boycott of Chinese goods, sending shockwaves through Beijing.

This time India gave another big blow to China. India has reduced imports from China in the past few months. Not only that, India has reduced imports and increased imports of Indian goods to China. India has increased its exports to China by 16 percent in the 11 months before 2020. However, during this time the two countries became at odds with each other over the border dispute and the Corona virus. According to Chinese media statistics, India has reduced its imports from China by 13 percent due to the dispute.

Chinese media have claimed that President Jinping's government has in no way politicized the issue of impasse in the Line of Actual Control in East Ladakh. But New Delhi has reduced imports from China and banned Chinese apps. On the other hand, China's official mouthpiece Global Times reported that the Corona epidemic has reduced the need in India. Due to this, exports from China to India have decreased.

According to figures released on Monday, China exported about বিল 59 billion worth of goods to India from January to November. Which is 13 percent less than last time. However, India imported 18.2 per cent of its goods from China earlier this year. The good news is that China has 13 percent less imports than Toseta.

On the other hand, India exported 16 per cent more goods to China from January to November than last year. These figures show that China has avoided politicizing economic relations with neighboring India. Experts say this is due to the Indian government's growing “biased attitude” towards China.

In comparison, China continues to import more from India despite the political turmoil. China's imports from India were about ১৯ 19 billion in the first 11 months, up 16 percent. According to data collected by the Indian Embassy in Beijing, India was the largest exporter of Chinese biochemicals, fertilizers and antibiotics in 2019.