Lakshi comments on the acid throwing video on the ticket) Bangla Hunt


BanglaHunt Desk: He is now in trouble with a video of Faizal Siddiqui. Faizal made a video about the acid attack. Tiktak India has already banned his Tiktak account. On the other hand, written allegations against Faizal have also come from the National Commission for Women. Lakshmi Agarwal, who was attacked in the acid attack, posted a video on Instagram condemning the video. He says, “This is the kind of video that the creators call themselves. You should be ashamed. You may be wondering what happens when a drop of acid falls on the body.

Try throwing acid on your finger then maybe you will understand. My condition is due to acid. If you want to be popular, try to be popular by doing something good. ”

Faizal, on the other hand, posted on his Instagram, “I am just being targeted. I was targeted because of the YouTube Versus Tick tock animosity. The video shows me drinking water and throwing it in the girl's face. Acid can sometimes be eaten by anyone. And the girl is a makeup artist professionally. She is a makeup artist for me professionally. She did another video with the same makeup with me. There was another reason behind doing the video with this kind of makeup. It has nothing to do with acid attacks. “

According to netizens, even if the video of the acid attack did not happen, should a woman have alcohol and water thrown in her mouth in such an insulting manner? The townspeople feel that they are trying to save themselves now that they are in trouble. The girl who was in the tick video has also been strongly criticized on Netdunia. Chhapak is based on the life of Lakshi Agrawal. Deepika Padukone started a makeup challenge during the promotion of the film. The girl's name is Faby. Faby accepts the challenge by putting on a makeup look for this makeup challenge. Now netizens are asking why the girl made such a video.