Lakshmi bomb in danger again! The boycott call Akshay's picture accusing him of promoting profit jihad

Bangla Hunt Desk: Before its release, Akshay Kumar's 'lakshmi bomb' is in trouble one after another. A few days ago, Kamal and Khan were vocal against this film. Lakshmi Devi has been insulted in the movie Lakshmi Bomb, alleging that she called for a boycott. This time the demand to boycott Akshay's picture has come up again.

Some netizens allege that Akshay's Lakshmi Bomb is promoting 'Love Jihad'. They have called for a boycott of the film with this serious allegation. On the one hand, just as the famous jewelery company Tanishq's new advertisement has started a brawl, this time Lakshmi Bombay has been accused of promoting profit jihad.

Of course, this is not the first time, a few days ago, Sushant's fans were vocal against Akshay Kumar. Khiladi Kumar has not opened his mouth in this regard since the death of Sushant Singh Rasput. But as soon as the trailer of his film was released, he suddenly remembered to open his mouth. Akshay understands nothing but his own interests. That is what many complained.

Incidentally, Kamal R Khan recently tweeted about Lakshmi Bomb. He writes, ‘Lakshmi is a goddess and Akshay Kumar has ridiculed her in his Lakshmi Bombay film. People should boycott this picture so that Akshay gets the right education so that he does not make such mistakes in future. It's India, not Canada. Here gods and goddesses are worshiped, not ridiculed. '

Incidentally, the trailer of Akshay Kumar's upcoming film Lakshmi Bomb has been released a few days ago. And in 24 hours after its release, this trailer has been viewed 80 million times. Combining all digital platforms which is still a record. Box office analyst Ramesh Bala shared this information on Twitter. He writes, ‘Record average Lakshmi Bomb. This trailer has been viewed 80 million times in 24 hours on all digital platforms. This is the most watched trailer in India in 24 hours. '