Lakshmi-Ganesh Puja starts at the beginning of the new year, and happiness will be there all year long


BanglaHunt Desk: New Year (Nababarsha) for Bengalis is the beginning of a new year in Bengal. Every year this day is celebrated as a festival. Worship is done from house to house. Many went to the temple and worshiped again. These days every businessman worships the god Ganesh in his shop. Ganesha worshiped Lakshmi Devi along with Deity for improvement in business. Many people travel to different places these days. From home, he made dishes for different terms. Love to eat Bengali, this day is more emphasis on food. Every time people smoke, but this time due to the coronary virus (COVID-19), people are keeping their families locked up for the rest of the day.

'Ganapati Bappa Moria' – Lord Ganesh who was happy at Laddu but worshiped before all the gods. Ganapati's father came first with a small rat vehicle. If the Siddhidata can satisfy Ganesh but your prosperity will increase, happiness will increase in your home. His mother Ganesh arrives every year before Maa comes to Durga. Ganesh IV is celebrated in Kolkata as well as in other regions. Calcutta became the goddess of Ganesh deity. Everyone served him in hopes of gaining a good blessing from him by pleasing the deity. However, if the siddhanta worshiped Ganesh with his heart, he fulfilled the wishes of all. So when worshiping Ganesh in devotion, Bhagwan blesses him by raising his hands. This Ganesh deity was also worshiped on this day.

Lakshmi Tagore is also worshiped on this day with the god Ganesh. If the goddess of Dhanaratna worships Lakshmi, the wealth of Dhan is increased. It is worshiped in various shops, as well as in many homes. After the worship, the meal is followed by the Prasad. Some are vegetarian, some are vegetarian. Those who, like the rules, observe this day. And if anyone wants to do what they want, eat it.

According to the Puranas, according to the solar calendar, Bengali twelve months were celebrated a long time ago. The festivities were celebrated long ago in undivided Bengal on the first day of the solar year. Currently the New Year is celebrated to mark the beginning of the new year. However, this has not happened before. In ancient times, the New Year or Paila Baisakh was celebrated as a festival or seasonal festival. This festival was celebrated when new fruits were produced.

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