Lalu Prasad called and asked to oppose the party, admitted NDA MLA Lalon Paswan

Banglahant Desk: Before the election of Bihar Assembly Speaker, RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav's audio tape was used by the political circles. Where NDA MLA Lalan Paswan was tempted to become a minister by saying he would be absent from the Speaker's election. The audio clipping was shared on social media by BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi.

In the context of this incident, NDA MLA Lalon Paswan confessed to the journalist about this phone call and told in front of everyone what happened in the phone call. On Tuesday night, Lalu Prasad Yadav called him and told him to go against the party, he told everyone.

Lalon Paswan said, ‘Since winning the election, many people have been calling me to congratulate me. Such a phone call came that day. At first I thought it was a congratulatory phone call. As soon as I picked up my PA phone, I was told from the other end of the phone that Lalu wanted to talk. Then I wanted to know which Lalu ji. Then Laluji from Ranchi said from the end of the phone. Then we bow to him and we have some conversation. '

Lalon Paswan added, ‘Then Lalu ji told me to oppose the party. The speaker said to be absent in the election. Also show me the temptation to make me a minister. But I made it clear that I would stay with the team and not leave.