LAN Kya Hai? Complete information of LAN Full Form – WAN, MAN, LAN in Hindi.

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Today everyone uses the Internet. If you also use the internet, do you know which network you are using. Many people do not know which network they use. So, you will get to know this type of information today.

You can connect 2 or more devices through Networking. So that he can share his information. Today we will explain you about all types of network. And will tell you how it works.

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List of topics

LAN Kya Hai

LAN Full Form (Local Area Network) LAN is used for a small area. We use it to connect all the networks in a local area. If you go away from this area then you cannot use it.

Each computer on the LAN has its own CPU (Central Processing Unit). A LAN can be connected to other LANs through Telephones Lines and Radio Waves to any distance. 100 to 1000 computers can be added to it. It is used in Office, Colleges, Schools.

It is good for Document Sharing and Printing in Network Office. Creating a LAN does not require much hardware. This network can be easily created. Most LANs are used in Wire Connection. And nowadays it has also been used in Wire Less.

LAN Full Form

LAN Full Form in Computer – “Local Area Network ”.

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Wan kya hai

A WAN is a network that is used over a large area. It is not limited to just one city or region, but it can connect the whole world together. The largest WAN network is the Internet. And Internet is also a good example of this.

It is used to connect Local Area Network and other networks with each other. So that the user sitting in one place can communicate with the user sitting away from his computer. It helps in transporting the network from one country to another.

There are many networks under it like- Large Corporate Network, Banking Networks, Railway Reservation Network, Airline Reservation Network, these are all WAN Networks. This network is the most expensive. Because this type of technology is used in it, such as – Sonet, Framerelay, Atm Etc.

WAN Full Form

Wide Area Network

MAN Kya Hai

It is a larger network than Network LAN. And is smaller than WAN Network. All the schools, colleges or offices in a city are connected to their network. And it is used to make a large network by connecting many LANs.

There are 2 or more Local Area Network connected together. Its speed is 10mb to 100mb, it is 75 km Stretches over a distance of. Cable Tv Network is a good example of this. MAN is used to connect LAN to LAN.

MAN Full Form

Metropolitan Area Network

San kya hai

This is a High Speed ​​Network. Which connects the Storage Device to the server. It consists of a type of connection known as fiber channel.

It is a system like Ethernet that manages High Performance Disk Storage for many applications in professional networks. It is used for Disk Arrays, Tape Libraries and Optical Jukebox.

SAN Full Form

Storage Area Network

CAN Kya Hai

This network is more used in places like a university, school and business. If we connect LAN networks, then it becomes CAN Network. The CAN also has the ability to connect to the Internet with an Internal Ethernet.

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CAN Full Form

Campus Area Network

PAN Kya Hai

It is a small network. Which connects computers at home or in a building. It is a computer network used for data transmission between devices such as Computer, Tablet, Telephone, Printer. It is limited to 10 meters. And in this, the devices are connected to the Wired or Wireless System.

PAN Full Form

Personal Area Network

Gan kya hai

A GAN is a network used to support a wireless LAN, the Satellite Coverage Area. It covers a large Geographical Area.

It is made up of many Wide Area Networks and many other networks. It is used over a large area. And it is not Direct Connect to any network.

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GAN Full Form

Global Area Network


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