Lance Naik Mangal Singh goes missing in 1971 war, found alive after 49 years


Bangla Hunt Desk: The story of Satya Devi, 65, of Datar Nagar, Jalandhar, is an example for ordinary women. Her husband Mangal Singh went missing in the 1971 Indo-Pakistani war. And then the Pakistani army took him prisoner. At that time, Lance Naik Mangal Singh was only 26 years old. Satya Devi was the mother of two children. Since then, Satya Devi has been waiting for her husband for decades, but a letter from the foreign minister has raised her hopes.

Incidentally, Satya Devi's husband Mangal Singh joined the Indian Army in 1982. In 1971, Lance Naik Mangal Singh was transferred from Ranchi to Calcutta and posted to Bangladesh. Shortly afterwards, a telegram came from the army that a boat carrying the soldiers had sunk, and all the soldiers, including Lance Naik Mangal Singh, had drowned.

From then on, Satya Devi kept counting the days in the hope of getting her husband back. Satya Devi did not give up the hope of her husband's return while raising her children. After many years of sending letters to the Government of India, On's efforts were completed. This time, after 49 years, Satya Devi was informed about the survival of her husband by sending a letter from the office of the President and the Ministry of External Affairs last week.

The Foreign Ministry said Lance Naik Mangal Singh was being held in Pakistan's Kot Lakhpat Jail. Talks with the Pakistani government are underway to free him. Satya Devi and her two sons have been waiting for Mangal Singh for the last 49 years, and this time their hopes are about to be fulfilled. Satya Devi has appealed to bring him back to India soon.

After receiving the letter from the Foreign Ministry, Satya Devi said that this time it is hoped that her husband, who is a Pakistani prisoner, will return to India soon. “I had to struggle a lot to raise my children, but I never gave up,” she said. This time I hope that my husband will return to the country soon.