Last relationship with Roshan, in the middle of the life of a small member Sravanti!


BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Srabanti Chatterjee has been in the limelight since the end of last year. Rumors that her third marriage with Roshan Singh failed also brought Sravanti to the headlines. Now it is reported that the two are living separately. Roshan has informed that he has no relationship with Sravanti anymore.

This time Sravanti came up in the news once again. Recently a sweet Khudeke was seen with him. Sravanti took a picture of him sitting on her lap. He put Khude on the bed and filled it with caress. That little one has filled everyone’s mind with sweet smile. Sravanti introduced him to everyone as ‘Dolu’.

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But netizens are curious to see this Khudeke with the actress. What is the identity of the little one? Sravanti’s fans wanted to know. Even Mimi Chakraborty has asked questions. In reply, Sravanti said that this sweet little girl is the daughter of one of her friends. This video has gone viral at the moment.

By the way, it is being heard recently that Srabonti has become the brand ambassador of Rangoli India instead of Nusrat Jahan. Srabonti has already started campaigning for Rangoli. He was seen announcing some special offers on the occasion of Rangoli’s 31st birthday. Sravanti was also officially welcomed into the Rangoli family on social media. However, it is not known whether Sravanti will replace Nusrat as the brand ambassador.

Nusrat even has nothing to do with his own imaginative clothing brand ‘Yuv’. Sravanti has also shared there. He was recently seen doing a photoshoot in Yuvraj’s sari. So the curious Netpara is looking at what message is given on this subject by Rangoli or Nikhil Jain.