Lata Mangeshkar came forward this time to fight Corona, with financial donations


Banglahunt Desk: Many have come forward to fight the corona virus. People from different fields have extended their hands of help. Leaders have extended a helping hand – from ministers, celeb, players to industrialists. In this war, the famous singer Lata Mangeshkar came forward.

It is reported that the director of Chennai Express has donated 1 lakh to the Federation of Western India Cinem Allies. Rohit said he donated the money to help those who work in daily wages in the industry. Top musician donates 2 million to cope with COVID-19 The money has been reported in the Maharashtra Chief Minister's Relief Fund.

On Monday, Ramdev announced a grant of Rs 20 crore in the PMcare Fund. On the other hand, Reliance Industries has donated Rs 1 crore to the #PMCARES fund. Not only that, Reliance has also given Rs 5 crore to the Maharashtra government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's PM Care Fund has urged the countrymen to give free hands to the nation to fight against Corona. Tata Trust has already given Tk 1 crore to that fund by responding to Narendra Modi's call.

Actors and actresses are also giving grants to the Prime Minister's Fund. Actor Akshay Kumar has donated Tk 25 million from the entertainment world to the PMCARES fund. Actor Karthik Aryan has announced a grant of Tk 5 million to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Corona Emergency Fund by tweeting. Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra have announced donations of Tk 20 lakh. Sachin Tendulkar has donated Tk 2 lakh to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister's Fund, standing beside the people. Virat Kohli on Monday said, “Anushka and I are extending a helping hand to the Prime Minister's Fund and the Chief Minister's Fund of Maharashtra. We are shocked. Hopefully our donation will come in some way to help the people of the country. ”

People from different fields have come forward to deal with COVID 19. The Prime Minister of the country is standing. Increasingly, the number of coronary traumas is spreading more and more, which is causing fear. The central government is working fast to free the common people from this situation.

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