Late actress Chitra's future husband arrested on charges of inciting suicide, objecting to acting in intimate scenes


Bangla Hunt Desk: The southern film industry was in a frenzy over the suicide of Tamil actress VJ Chitra. On the morning of December 9, the hanging body of VJ Chitra, a popular actress of Tamil industry, was recovered from a five star hotel. This time, her future husband Hemant Rao was arrested on charges of inciting the actress to commit suicide.

Hemant is a businessman by profession. Chitra was also engaged to him. A few days later, they were going to sit on the pedestal. In this situation, Chitra's suicide shocked everyone. Meanwhile, the mother of the late actress made a sensational claim. Hemant allegedly beat Chitra to death.

It is learned that the future husband Hemant had strongly objected to the close-up view of the picture on the screen for the sake of acting. He also had a dispute with Chitra about this. According to police sources, Hemant also pushed Chitra on the day of her death. Chitra's hanging body was recovered from the hotel room in his presence.

It is learned that Hemant Rao has been under police interrogation since Chitra's death. He was arrested after a few days of interrogation. He was arrested on charges of inciting suicide. Police also questioned some of Chitra's friends and co-stars.

Incidentally, VJ Chitra, 26, was a well-known face in the Tamil industry. He has also performed on the small screen. It is learned that the actress returned to the hotel on Wednesday morning after finishing her shooting. His hanging body was recovered from the hotel room in the morning.

Chitra made her television debut in Sattam Sholavathu Anna. After that he also worked as a video jockey for some time. He is currently starring in the serial 'Pandian Stores'.