Laughing Hindi song in the throat of Jahnabi, Troll storm on social media


BanglaHunt Desk: Stars are not the exception, as ordinary people are faced with in everyday life. There are different types of work in their daily routine. In addition to acting, they often leave for press conferences, award shows or any other work. Paparazzi stays with them this whole time. They have to spend all day in front of the camera. Although occasionally involuntary, the cameramen of journalists and fans have to become stars.

While in Bollywood, Jahnabi Kapoor is a newbie but has already done several pictures. His acting skills have also made fans feel in his mind. But like other stars, he is often trolled by netizens on social media. The actress has sometimes been criticized for her costume and sometimes for her own acting. Jahanabi has recently come back to the headlines.

Jahnabi was recently arrested by the paparazzi camera at the Mumbai airport. He sang the song 'Voli Si Surat' while looking at the camera towards him. He was seen singing a lot of acting. As the video became public, the troll storm hit social media. The netizens laugh and laugh at the actress. Some comment that Lataji went out with a sword to kill Jahnabi. Someone else jokingly wrote that over-acting should cost 5 bucks.

Relatively, Jahnabi Kapoor is busy shooting a number of pictures at the moment. They include films like 'Ghost Stories', 'Gunjan Saxena' and 'Ruhi Afza'. All these pictures are about to be released next year.

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