Launch Hall Bamboo Rice in Tripura, Chief Minister Biplob Kumar Dev says its benefits


Bangla Hunt Desk: In India, many species of food grains are produced, starting from vegetables and fruits. Many types of paddy are also produced in the country. In the meantime, Tripura is now producing bamboo rice. Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar deb launched this bamboo rice. He also shared the benefits of eating Rambu Rice.

According to Chief Minister Biplob Dev, this bamboo rice contains much more protein than other rice and wheat. He said that playing this bamboo rice will cure many physical problems including joint pain and back pain. The Chief Minister said that this bamboo rice also has anti-diabetic protein.

The Chief Minister said, playing this bamboo rice will remove all the problems of cholesterol. Bamboo Rice is a rich source of vitamins for pregnant women. After bamboo biscuits, this time bamboo rice is playing an important role in making the youth of Tripura self-reliant.

Chief Minister Biplob Kumar Dev said, “I thank the Tripura Bamboo Mission for this effort.” Our government is committed to doubling the income of Prime Minister Narendra Modi farmers by 2022.