Lawyer doesn’t know English and judge doesn’t know Hindi, video of court debate goes viral


वकील को अंग्रेजी तो जज साहब को नहीं आती हिंदी, कोर्ट की बहस का वीडियो वायरल

Video of judge and lawyer’s debate goes viral

Judge Lawyer Argument: Our official language Even though Hindi is there, but even today it is rarely used in offices etc. English has made such a home in the minds of the people that they are not able to recover from it. Wherever you go for a job interview, you are definitely asked about your knowledge of English. Even interviews in most of the companies are conducted in English only. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for the candidates who do not know English. Something similar happens in the courts as well. social media but nowadays a court case video viral is happening, which has won the hearts of people who love Hindi.

In fact, in this video, a lawyer is seen telling his grief to the judge that he does not know English and the interesting thing is that the judge does not know Hindi. In the video, you can see that the judge tells the lawyer that ‘you have again filed a petition in Hindi’. I do not understand Hindi. On this, the lawyer says, ‘Huzoor, this is the only cry, we are also not understanding English’. After this the judge says that ‘I will reject your petition’. On this, the lawyer says, ‘The full bench is in favor of Hindi’.

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Then the judge says that ‘your case is already over’. I have called for the hearing of the next case ‘. In response to this, the lawyer says, ‘There is no rule to move forward without listening. Huzoor has to move forward after listening first. Even today all the justices in the Patna High Court are listening in Hindi. Now Huzoor is saying that you should do the English translation. We are saying that a demand should be made from the translation department. The translation department is here. It is from before independence. We have a share in the salary they get, it is our client’s share, so what is the point of asking for it. We are talking about a fair thing. We do not know English, we are asking for English translation sir.

Watch the video of the debate between the judge and the lawyer

This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @ShaliniKumawat0 and the caption reads, ‘Vakeel Sahab’s Hindi love will win your heart, Chha Gaye Vakil Sahab’. After watching the video, users are giving different reactions. One user has written, ‘Judge or Justice should know both the languages. Judges of that language should be appointed in the state where there is majority of the language, otherwise this will keep happening every moment.

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