Learn more about the history behind the corona virus

BanglaHunt Desk: Novel Corona virus has a history of terror. On the afternoon of September 17, 2019, an urgent message arrived at the customs office at Tianhe Airport in Ohan. There is said to be a passenger on the flight who is ill and having trouble breathing. After that, the airport staff went to the emergency department.
After receiving this urgent message, the manager of Wuhan Airport explained the whole process of the emergency contract to his staff and seeing the situation escalating, the staff started taking necessary steps using protective masks.

According to the state media

According to a Chinese state media reporter, Wuhan's First Aid Center then checked and said that the patient infected with the novel coronavirus should be informed. Then the whole incident is described. Everyone is informed about this disease to make the people aware.

Transition from the World Military Games

Chinese media reported that the coronavirus was then spread to verify the emergency response to the World Military Games. About 9,000 participants are expected to take part in China's World Military Games next month. And even after receiving the news of Corona's disease, there is a mystery as to why the game was stopped. Many people also ask this question on social media. Even in the international media, the question arises as to why China chose this practice knowingly?

And then the World Military Games started on 16th October 2019. And during the nine days of this game, many athletes fell ill. And many people think that the corona infection spreads all over the world right from here.