Learn more about WiFi Calling or Vo-WiFi


BanglaHunt Desk: No worries if the network is gone in the phone call Automatically make calls to your Airtel or Geo connection from a WiFi network. This is because VO-WiFi allows the phone to automatically switch between cellular connection and WiFi when making calls.

Vo-Wi-Fi or Voice-over Wi-Fi can be used in regions where there is rarely a network. This is because Vio-WiFi uses IEEE 802.11 – it's a fancy thing for WiFi to call. So, if your phone is connected to a good Wi-Fi network, say for example in your home, when you make a call using a phone dialer or in other words a regular phone app, the call will go through the WiFi network. This is similar to how a call is made using WhatsApp but there are some differences, which is that the call will automatically move to the cellular network if the WiFi network fails. If the wifi network fails in case of WhatsApp call, the call will fail. There is no fallback option.

According to an ET report, Airtel's WiFi has exceeded one million users a month with the launch.

The funny thing is if VoIP gets enough attention, then very, very soon, applications like WhatsApp, Viber and Hangouts can compete that can be used to make VoIP calls.

How to use Vio-WiFi

– Vio-WiFi usage is free on both Airtel and Geo networks. Also support for VO-WiFi is automatic.

– But you need a compatible computer and a reliable WiFi network to use it. There are no conditions up to the WiFi network. As long as you are connected to a fast Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi will work.

– As far as compatible phones are concerned, all recent phones are compatible. Both Airtel and Gio are working with leading phone companies including OnePlus, Shaomi, Samsung and Apple to support VO-WiFi support on their phones.

If your phone is on the list of supported devices and you still do not have the option of Vo-WiFi in Settings, you may need to update the software on your phone. You do not need to change the SIM card to get this feature if the SIM supports 4G. If this is an old SIM card that does not support 4G, you may need to buy a new replacement SIM from Airtel. All Jio SIM cards support 4G.

– Before enabling the feature in phone settings, users need to enable VOLTE on their Airtel and Geo SIM profiles. Once VoLTE is enabled, users will have to go to SIM cards and networks, search for Airtel SIM and then call using WiFi and turn it on.

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