Learn the details of how the decoration of the temple will always have the blessings of God on you


BanglaHunt Desk: People always seek the blessings of God. Out of 33 crore gods, all of them worship one or another special deity. Although the deities worshiped by different people are different, everyone has a separate Thakur Ghor in their home. Where they pursue God with one mind. However, you have built a temple at home, but do you know how to decorate the temple, the person will be virtuous?

If the temple is not decorated properly, you may be deprived of the blessings due to the gods. So, first of all, the place where the gods live should be decorated beautifully.

According to many, it is considered auspicious to build a separate shrine in the northeast corner or on the north-east side of the house. But many of us do not have a separate house in the house. In that case, the room inside the house on the north-east side is the suitable place to place the seat of the deity.

Decorate the entrance door of the temple with fresh garlands of yellow-orange marigolds, tuberose, roses and jasmine flowers. You can also arrange it vertically or roundly. The sweet smell of flowers will increase the sanctity of the temple many times over.

Draw a beautiful alpana with your hands in the temple. If you do not buy plastic alpana from the market and paint the alpana with your own hands at the place of worship, then the auspicious effect of worship will spread all over your family. You can also decorate the temple with paintings by folk artists.

You can also hang a bell on the ceiling of the temple and place a brass lamp designed on either side of the seat. It will feel like a temple in your own home. Even if you can decorate the temple beautifully with earthen lamps, candles, incense, incense without lighting electric lights in the evening, then one feels spirituality with God.

In many cases, since the throne of your deity is small, you cannot place all the deities in the deity's seat at once, in which case, do not be disturbed at all. In addition to the seat of the deity, you can also make a wooden plank or niche with the necessary nails on the wall and place the idol of God in it and worship it with care.

Finally, I will say about the color selection of the temple. At the feet of Thakur in the temple, everyone seeks a little peace. Therefore, it is better to choose cool and soft colors in choosing the color of the temple. White, light yellow, light red are the perfect colors for a house.

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