Learn the details of why the ritual of Yajna is performed at the end of various pujas


Banglahant Desk: According to the Hindu tradition, the rules of Yajna (Homa) can be seen at the end of the puja. Although not always, this sacrifice is seen to be done at special times. According to the Vedic scriptures, whatever is offered through Yajna reaches the deity completely. People sacrifice in that faith.

Through the Vedas, the Vedic sages have repeatedly reminded people of Yajna. It is also believed that any problem can be solved through sacrifice. However, the desire that will be fulfilled once the sacrifice, but not. Yajna is to be performed according to certain rules at certain times. Only then can any problem of money, action, physical or subjugation be solved.

According to the scriptures, there are different rituals for performing different sacrifices. For example, Gopal-home for child problems, Nav-graha yajna for new planetary problems, Maha-Lakshmi yajna for financial problems and many more are mentioned.

There are a few things to keep in mind while performing Yajna. But if there is any mistake while performing Yajna, it will be bad for the family, this mentality has to be given up. While performing Yajna, one should remember God by chanting mantras with devotion in a pure mind. Only then will the desire be fulfilled.

There are some special rules of Yajna, such as- Ghee used in Yajna must be pure and made from pure cow's milk. Before the end of the puja, the fire of Yajna should not be extinguished in any way. Then it is taken as a sign of evil. There is a separate wood for each yajna. It must be selected correctly. And of course the ahuti-mantra must be pronounced correctly and correctly.