Learning to maintain social distance in China: Students coming to school after masks and head gear

BanglaHunt Desk: After a few months, the situation there has gradually returned to normal. The school is opening to come. However, residents are still being asked to keep in mind the need to maintain social distance and wear a mask. So the head gear can be seen in the heads of the students who come to the school. There is a mask on the face.

Recently, some such pictures have surfaced on social media. Some schools in China's Guangzhou province have opened. It can be seen that the children are coming in head gear. This head gear is about 3 feet long. Pictures of children sitting in the classroom of Yangzheng Elementary School in Guangzhou have surfaced. As you can see, they are sitting in a row from front to back. A child is sitting at a desk.

As can be seen in this picture, every child has a mask on his face and head gear on his head. Someone's head gear is made with balloons. Made with cardboard by someone or again. No head gear is the same color. Any head gear is again of different colors. These head gears are worn on them, so that the social distance is kept in their head. Teachers are even teaching the need to maintain social distance and wear masks in class.

This photo has been viral since it was shared on Twitter. Netizens say this way is very good. Other countries should also take this approach. Maintaining social distance between children may not always be noticed. But if they have head gear, they can't go to each other. Gradually it will become a habit. In the current situation, netizens think that this is the best strategy to maintain the safety of children.