Leaving a one-year-old child, she went to Delhi and worked hard to become an IAS


If there is a strong will to reach the destination, no problem can stand in his way. Girls dream a lot before marriage. She wants to do something in her life that will create her distinct identity and she can stand on her own two feet. There are some women who have made their dreams come true with hard work and confidence even after their marriage. She is setting a new example for other girls in the society. Today's story is about such a woman

She moved away from her two-and-a-half-year-old child and family, prepared for UPSC and was ranked 90th. Besides, he reached the peak of success in the first attempt. Anupama Singh is a resident of Patna. Anupama did her primary education from Patna. Anupama's father is a retired MR and her mother is an Anganwari worker. He was very good at writing since childhood.

He completed his MBBS entrance examination after completing his twelfth and undergraduate examinations and he succeeded in it. Apart from this, Anupama passed the entrance exam for MS which is considered to be the most difficult and also achieved success in it.

He received his Master of Surgery (MS) degree from Benares Hindu University (BHU) in 2014. He then started doing SRCP in a government hospital. At this time they got married. A daughter was born soon after the marriage.

When Anupama saw that there were many defects in the government hospital and it was not being resolved. Then he decided in his mind that the health system needs to change. He was treating patients as physicians, but could not deal with a lot of problems in the system.

He felt that if all these problems were not eradicated, treating patients alone could do them no good. With this in mind, he decided to join the civil service.

But it is very difficult to manage a small child. So he went to Delhi for a year to study. There he was admitted to the Coaching Institute to prepare for UPSC. After moving to Delhi, Anupama cried day and night for her child. This time her husband encouraged her and persuaded her to concentrate on her studies.

Many times during the preparation, Anupama thought that she would leave everything and go back to her child. But he explained to himself that he would have to pass a civil service exam as soon as possible to get back to the child.

Anupama said that she faced many problems while preparing for UPSC. He was a student of science so it was difficult to understand the subject of Arts. He was admitted to a coaching institute. Then he realized that coaching institutes can only guide you. Can't walk that way, you just have to walk. It is very difficult to achieve success without studying on your own. One has to pay 100% to be successful.

He continued his studies by tying himself to a strict discipline. Finally, in 2019, he sat for the first time in the exam and achieved the 90th rank