Leaving BCCI, this time Sourav Ganguly is on his way to ICC, the good news is going to come before Diwali

Bangla Hunt Desk: Another new feather is about to be added to the crown of BCCI President Sourav Ganguly. He was one of India's best captains, taking over as state cricket administrator after leaving the game. Now he is handling the responsibility of BCCI president. And this time, he can overtake everything and come under the responsibility of the ICC, the highest governing body of cricket, the ICC has indicated. The ICC's special committee is considering appointing Sourav Ganguly as its deputy chairman.

A few days ago, Shashank Manohar's term as ICC chairman expired. And so at the moment the post of ICC chairman is vacant. A number of former cricketers wanted Sourav Ganguly to be appointed ICC chairman. Because former cricketers think that Sourav Ganguly is the only person to lead the cricket world after the Corona epidemic. However, at the moment, Sourav Ganguly is not sitting as the ICC chairman because if he is to become the ICC chairman, he will have to resign as BCCI president. Sourav Ganguly is reluctant to do that now.

The ICC wants someone like Sourav Ganguly to join the ICC administration. And so, so that Sourav Ganguly can join the ICC without leaving the post of BCCI President, the idea of ​​making Sourav Ganguly the Deputy Chairman of the ICC is being considered. It is learned that Sourav Ganguly and his fans are going to get this good news before Diwali.