Leaving karate due to scarcity, the job is to sell, the talent is viral on social media.

BanglaHunt Desk: There has been a viral video on social media these days where it is seen that a girl is arranging all the medals she has won at the same time, and on the other hand that girl is making haria. Many netizens have become emotional after watching this video.

A video of Vimala Munda, a talented karate player from Ranchi, has recently gone viral on social media, showing her arranging her medals on one side and making haria on the other. The girl, who hails from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, has won not only a black belt in karate but also a national gold medal.

Now that her financial situation is deplorable, Bimala is standing by her side with the help of her family. The work of making haria by choosing to earn money. His father is physically ill and his mother does other work. So stop practicing financially. Bimla's mother says they worked hard to teach her the game.

Bimala has been playing in the tournament since 2006. He also won a medal at the district level in the same year. Then in 2009 he also won a medal in Orissa. He even won a silver medal at the 34th National Games and Akshay Kumar won two gold medals at the International Karate Championships.

In the current viral video, Bimala is describing her grief in her own words. “Our government has not paid attention to any of the players,” Bimala said. Whatever the game. We didn't listen to anything, just focused on the game. We thought we were in the game, then maybe we would get a government job. But I have not received any news from him yet. So now I have chosen the path of selling to run a family with money.