Leaving my mother, Sridevi's estranged father, everyone was laughing at me! Explosive son Arjun Kapoor


BanglaHunt Desk: Bonnie Kapoor's close love with Sridevi and then the practice of marriage is still the 'hot gossip' of Balipara. Bonnie left his first wife Mona Kapoor and fell madly in love with Sridevi. It is heard that the love was so deep that Sridevi got pregnant before marriage. Then she hurriedly got married to Bonnie Kapoor.

But how much did Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor feel about such a sensational turning point in their parents' marriage? When Bonnie left Mona and went to Sridevi, her eldest son Arjun went to school. Girl Anshula is younger.

Boni was married to Mona Kapoor before Sridevi. They have two children, Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor. But after seeing Sridevi, Bonnie ended her 13-year marriage. He got married to the actress anew. Jahnavi and Khushi Kapoor were born one by one.

Meanwhile, after her divorce from Bonnie, Monar's health started deteriorating. He was diagnosed with cancer. He could not bear the pressure of divorce. Arjun Kapoor's first film was released in just two months. Mona died at that time. He has not seen Arjun's debut film anymore.

Talking about this in an interview, Arjun broke down in tears. He said that when Baba left with Sridevi, everyone used to laugh at him. At school, in the neighborhood, he had to be the food of laughter everywhere.

Arjun is not alone, his mother Mona Kapoor has also heard a lot of tickling. In an interview, he said that after Bonnie Kapoor left, many people used to make jokes in secret. Sridevi was a beauty in the industry at that time. Everyone used to tell Mona to lose weight and do beauty treatments.

But in Mona’s words, “I cried at first. But then one day I decided to stay the same. I will make my own identity with my two children. ”