Leaving the job, 2 sisters started their own business, made cotton saree a brand of 50 crores


जॉब छोड़ 2 बहनों ने शुरू किया खुद का बिजनेस, सूती साड़ी को ऐसे बना दिया 50 करोड़ का ब्रांड

Leaving the job, 2 sisters started their own business, making a saree a brand of 50 crores

Often, after some time, the sarees of mother and grandmother become old and we keep them in a closed box. But 2 Biswas sisters did not do this. He started his own business with the sarees of his mother and grandmother. The Biswas Sisters left their MNC jobs and kept the saree of Indian culture safe and in trend. Both sisters made a 50 crore brand ‘Suta’ from a saree. Let’s know the brand story of their success.

Tania Biswas and Sujata Biswas started their brand ‘Suta’ in the year 2016. In a very short time, the business of both of them touched the pinnacle of success. Today their sarees are making their mark in the country and abroad. Let us tell you, ‘Suta’ brand of Biswas Sisters means thread.

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Started work with cotton sarees

Biswas sisters started their business with cotton muslin sarees. Women often use these sarees as daily wear at home. Earlier these sarees were confined to homes only. Then Sujata and Tania thought why not bring them to a bigger level. Biswas Sisters introduced these cotton sarees to the mainstream market. Now you must have seen that women wear these cotton muslin sarees in parties and offices apart from homes.

Have worked in MNC

Biswas sisters used to work in MNC before starting their business. Sujata has worked in companies like Essar and Jindal Group after studying from IIFT. At the same time, Tania Lucknow has worked in companies like Tata Group and IBM after graduating from IIM. But, he was not finding the everyday job exciting. He thought of starting some work of his own. After which he launched Suta.

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Weavers get 40 percent share

To make their brand bigger, the Biswas sisters started associating weavers with them. To whom she gives 40 percent of the cost of the saree. Biswas Sisters started their business with Rs 6 lakh which has now grown to Rs 56 crore. His next target is now to reach 100 crores.

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