Leaving the lehenga, the veil on the head, leaving the hot pants, the bride dressed up as ‘Jhuma Baudi’!


BanglaHunt Desk: Antara Biswas, does the name sound familiar? Many may not say. But there are probably very few people who do not know the Mona Lisa. The real name of Mona Lisa is Antara. Although the Bhojpuri film is a 'sensation', in fact, she is a Bengali girl from the beginning. His popularity skyrocketed after Heichai's popular webseries 'Dupur Thakurpo'. The popularity of the series can be understood from the fact that ‘Jhuma Baudi’ (Jhuma Baudi) was very much in the minds of Thakurpods.

His popularity skyrocketed not only in the world of celluloid screens or television, but also in the net world. His fan following on social media is increasing day by day. No more or why. He often shares his hot photos and videos with the fans. Those pictures are bound to take the minds of the youth by storm.

Now the Mona Lisa is in the home quarantine just like the others. She is sitting at home, sometimes exercising, sometimes reading books and sometimes spending time with her husband Bikrant. Mona Lisa was starring in the second season of a popular series called 'Nazar'.

But now that the shooting has stopped, he has to spend time sharing old pictures.
However, Mona Lisa is not wasting her time at home. He is exercising according to the rules every day. He is a sensation in the Bhojpuri film industry. In the item song, his naughty body is enough to turn anyone's head. Stop going out for the sake of lockdown. So Mona Lisa started the photo session at home.

The actress does new photoshoots every day. He recently shared such a picture. Mona Lisa is wearing a lehenga, ornaments, a veil on her head. However, the image of this 'bridal look' is old. But to post the actress again, this picture has gone viral.

Mona Lisa was recently spotted making a tickling video with her husband Bikrant. They have acted in a scene from the movie 'Yeh Jawani Hadya Diwani'. Mona Lisa says this is one of her favorite scenes.