Leaving the sari, Aparajita Adhy jumped into the pool water in a swimsuit, a picture of a viral actress at the moment

Banglahant Desk: Aparajita Adhya is one of the most popular actresses in Tollywood. He has been seen acting with power from serials to movies. However, whether it is big screen or small screen, Aparajita has been seen in a sari or salwar suit. He has rarely been captured on camera in Western attire.

So, seeing the recent picture of Aparajita, the netizens have practically raised their eyes. The actress was seen floating in the water of the swimming pool after wearing a red swimsuit. Wet hair is coated with the body. Fans have been stunned by Aparajita in such an incarnation. That picture has gone viral in the middle of the moment.

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Aparajita recently visited Mandarmani. He shared several pictures and videos of his long hair flying in the air on the beach. Aparajita has completely changed her look by losing weight due to the 'sugar' movie. All those pictures, videos are quite viral on social media.

Aparajita was attacked by Corona a few days ago. However, he recovered after a while. “Covid lost and started playing again,” he wrote on social media, announcing Corona's release. The actress resumed shooting for the reality show Hasiwala & Company.

Incidentally, Aparajita Adhy and Madhumita Sarkar's new film 'Chini' was released on December 25. This picture is made with the tension of mother-daughter relationship. This is Madhumita's second picture on the big screen.